PROKE as a celebration of the uniqueness and imperfection of every person

When discussing on fashion, on Prêt-à-porter, have you ever reflected on the peculiarities that go beyond appearance?

The fickleness in shaping momentary clothing trends supersedes the characteristics, needs, and tastes of the individual, erecting insurmountable barriers, not only of a practical nature but also psychological.

Those who dress fashionably must possess a perfect physique, adhering to uncompromising rules regarding measurements, minimum sizes corresponding to extremely thin individuals.

Therefore, clothing items for both women and men are designed and tailored exclusively for figures that adhere to precise rules of nearly perfect models.

Given this, it is obligatory to ask: “Does perfection truly exist?”

Scholars and eminent scientists provide us with the answer. Among them, physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking argues that “one of the fundamental rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect, perfection simply does not exist… without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.”

Repeating the concept, Rita Levi-Montalcini in her biographical book “In Praise of Imperfection” states: “I believe that imperfection is more consistent with human nature than perfection.”

Therefore, exalting perfection amounts to nullifying the uniqueness of the individual. Aspiring to that which does not exist, chasing false models is very risky for the individual because striving to be, at all costs, what is not possible produces suffering and discomfort.

Every individual is unique in this world and all individuals who do not conform to perfect standards are unique—persons who are sometimes unfortunately excluded by fashion.

This is not true for PROKE, which allows – to those who use it – to exhibit a sober and refined elegance while respecting the uniqueness of the individual.

What is PROKE? What are its merits, and what advantages does it offer?

PROKE is a particular system for taking measurements remotely for every garment one wishes to purchase. The substantially negligible margin of error allows for the precise physical characteristics of the wearer to be respected.

This highlights the trend reversal and innovation brought by PROKE. Everyone is offered the opportunity to measure their own characteristics according to the claim: PROKE as a celebration of uniqueness.