Few minutes are needed to capture all the main body measurements and the most relevant data to deliver a perfect garment.

Seconds needed to
take the measurements
Number of
acquired lengths
Number of acquired circumferences
Relevant data on
appearance and posture
Mean error (calculated on
1mt length)
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Our remote measurement system is designed to optimize the production cycle and standardize production processes for MTM (made to measure) clothing companies. Our simple and innovative solution provides objective, precise and repeatable measurements, allowing automated management of the measurement taking process. PROKE can integrate customer data, including measurements, modifications and photos, directly into an ERP or electronic CAD for pattern modification. Our goal is to transform the production cycle, making it an industrial process without interruptions, from the moment of taking measurements to the delivery of the finished garment.


PROKE is the ideal solution for companies that manufacture and sell sportswear. Whether you are a manufacturer for professional or amateur athletes, PROKE is here to simplify the process of customizing your garments, offering excellent performance and a perfect fit. Our cutting-edge technology allows precise remote body measurements, eliminating the need for physical meetings. This not only improves the efficiency of the process, but also ensures unparalleled precision in the creation of perfect garments. In the already technological sportswear industry, the introduction of our digital approach to measurement represents a step forward in modernization. It means embracing innovation to constantly improve the competitiveness of the brand. Our technology allows to offer to customers garments that not only meet their sporting needs, but which adapt perfectly to their body, ensuring optimal performance.


PROKE is the ideal solution for companies specialized in the production of uniforms and work cloths that aim to improve their profit margins by offering high quality products at competitive costs. We are here to make the process of taking measurements more efficient, saving time and reducing operational costs. Our PROKE system is designed to simplify the process of taking measurements automatically and quickly, allowing remote measurements. This means a significant reduction in the time and costs associated with traditional measurement taking. Precise measurements made with PROKE lead to a more comfortable garment and decreased returns. When uniforms and work cloths are comfortable and fit well, customer satisfaction increases and, consequently, so does your reputation. Fewer returns mean more efficient management and an increase in trust from customers.

When they presented the PROKE project to me, I thought it could make our production cycle much more efficient. Taking measurements in an objective, standardized and automatic way would give greater efficiency to our production cycle. I wasn't sure it would work but I tried it and the results were great.
Sandro Sartore
Sandro Sartore - CEO Sartore srl
When I saw for the first time the PROKE suit, I immediately thought it was a brilliant idea and I made my company available to support the development of this new initiative. From an industrial point of view, I find it a very efficient solution.
Company Taglieria Oxford
Company Taglieria Oxford
When I was introduced to the PROKE project I was immediately intrigued. Even if with a little skepticism, I wanted to prove its effectiveness. I realized some suits with PROKE measurements on some customers and the result amazed me.
Giancarlo Stecca
Giancarlo Stecca - Tailor
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