From where to where are measurements taken?

The measurements are taken following the various lines of tags as highlighted in these photos.

How do I easily put on PROKE suit on my client?
To wear the suit is sufficient, to open the zipper to put first the legs and then the heel on the heel- pass. Then you slip your arms into your sleeves and pull up the zipper. Finally, the thumbs are inserted into the thumb pass. You can consult our infographic for more details.
What should I pay attention to when I make my client wear the suit?
Care must be taken so that the red band of the shoulder falls right on the top of the sleeve while the green band falls at the base of the neck. In addition, the line of green tags must fall right on the waist of the trousers. In addition, it is very important that the tags are all clearly visible, i.e. any folds of tissue do not even partially hide them. You can consult our infographic for more details.
Where do the measures go once taken?
After taking the measurements, they can be sent by email or sent to a CAD of electronic modeling. In any case, the measurements are saved in the app.
Where does my customer data go? Are they safe?
Customer data are encrypted and sent securely to the PROKE server. Customers are given informed consent before starting the measurement session.
Can I wash or sanitize the suit?
The suit can be sanitized with a sanitizing spray between one use and another and can also be put in the washing machine at 30°.
Can I leave the suit to my customer after the measurement?
Yes, you can decide based on your way of working whether to leave the suit to your customer site for later/periodic use or whether to ask for shipment back. If you leave it to your client, you will obviously have to get a new suit.