The Feminine Touch of Proke

PROKE – Process bespoke is a passion for technology, fashion, and the Italian spirit of one of its founders and investors: Paola Griggio.

PROKE is making its mark with an innovative approach to tailor-made garments.

Measurements are taken remotely through an algorithm and specially designed materials: this method makes the product cycle more efficient and increasingly emphasizes servitization for a more sustainable and responsible resource management.

Paola Griggio has a strong passion for such initiatives. In the past, she successfully launched startups in various fields that soon gained international visibility and success.

For this reason, the cultural association Inner Wheel decided to award her in 2017 as part of the special “Inner Wheel Women’s Award: Women Entrepreneurs, Challenges of Change,” held at the Hotel Cipriani Giudecca in Venice.

The Inner Wheel Women’s Award, conceived seventeen years ago by Past Governor Giuliana Vallerini, originated from the desire to highlight female figures distinguished for excellence in various professional fields.

The award aims to underline and highlight the achievements and successes of women engaged in business and research activities, who have innovated in terms of products and processes, breaking stereotypes and age-old models.

The 2023 Edition

The 2023 edition of the Inner Wheel Women’s Award took place on May 5th in Bassano Del Grappa, known worldwide for the Ponte degli Alpini, a postcard image and historical landmark, next to which stands the Nardini Distillery, the oldest distillery in Italy.

This distillery has successfully combined tradition and super-technology with the addition of a large contemporary architecture to the distillery, designed to serve as a laboratory and promote Grappa culture.

These are the “Bubbles,” part of the “Bubbles Project – Events and Research Space” – conceived and realized by the Roman architect Massimiliano Fuksas: two ellipsoidal works of transparent glass, resembling space capsules, futuristic forms in a landscape that retains a strong medieval identity.

On this occasion, Paola Griggio had the opportunity to speak as the founder and investor of the newborn project “PROKE – Process bespoke.”

Paola Griggio, along with Governor Amelia Vella Sales and the Jury, awarded prizes to three excellences in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics.

Women for women in the case of the Inner Wheel Award, but also women for men since the PROKE project currently focuses on formal clothing, uniforms, and sportswear for the male world (although PROKE for women will not be far behind).

Because, as we know, the feminine touch has that little extra.